Allow me to enlighten you…

We all have a purpose. We may not all recognize our purpose within the course of this lifetime but we all serve a greater purpose on a much larger, cosmic scale.

It is as if some irresistible force was propelling us from within. An unquenchable thirst that was given to us at the threshold of Our Creation; the need to achieve something greater than our predecessors or contemporaries.

We have a desire to leave an indelible mark upon this world and to imprint upon the next, to cheat death by becoming immortalized through our achievements. It is as if this impetus was deliberately branded into our genetic code. Like a sub-atomic, interwoven prime directive for us to search for the Greater Truth, to recall lost echoes of conversations from the past and to reveal that which has never been uncovered. To question the path that we are presently upon and make our predictions about the potential for prosperity in the future.

This innate curiosity coupled with a relentless drive towards accuracy and rigor has enabled our species to overcome the hurdles of fear, superstition and religious fervor. As a result, we are now poised to inherit the Heavens themselves.